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Small fandom drabble requests

I finally finished the jump start the muses drabbles, so here they are all collected into one entry. You won't see any Bleach, Saiyuki, Transformers or Detective Conan drabbles here, because I excluded them from the list of available fandoms. The results were very interesting.

Title: Untitled Fruits Basket drabble
Word Count: 346
Rating: G
Obligatory Disclaimer: Y'all know the drill--I do not own Fruits Basket.
Summary: mysocalledhell prompted me for Hatsuharu, Yuki - "I feel loved. Violated, but loved." Somehow, I took that and turned it into fluff.
Notes: Anyone got any ideas for a title for this one?

Hatsuharu was having a hard time waking up for some reason. Wasn’t he supposed to be…conscious? Yes. Surely he was. He was on his bike, and he was, okay, lost and there was a rat in the road that was definitely not Yuki, but he still couldn’t bring himself to—

“Hatsuharu-san! Are you okay? Oh my gosh, he’s dying, what do we do, what do we do, what do we do?”

“The dumb ox is fine. He’ll wake up if you leave him alone already.”

Voices. He heard voices. Was that Honda-san and Kyo? What were they doing in his subconscious?


“It’s alright, Honda-san.”

“It is?”


That was Yuki’s voice. Yuki was on the other side of the darkness, which meant that here was a place Hatsuharu didn’t care to occupy any longer. It took a monumental effort to open his eyes, but he managed it. Honda-san’s worried face filled his field of vision, but he could clearly hear Kyo’s annoyed mutterings off to the left and that was unmistakably Yuki’s hand on Honda-san’s shoulder. Hatsuharu smiled.

“I feel loved,” he said contentedly. At Yuki’s gentle urging, Honda-san leaned back enough to allow Hatsuharu a glimpse of Kyo’s scowling face. “Violated,” he amended, “but loved.”

“Why you—!” Kyo drew his foot back, clearly intending to kick Hatsuharu in the head. He braced himself for the impact, but was saved when Honda-san grabbed Kyo’s arm and dragged him out of Hatsuharu’s range of vision.

“Ah, that’s better.” Hatsuharu smiled at Yuki, who had seated himself nearby on the ground. “Can I retract my previous statement now?” he asked lightly.

“No,” Yuki said firmly.

“Why not?”

Yuki looked away sharply at Hatsuharu’s question. “Because you scared me to death,” he said, in the same voice he used when fighting Kyo. Hatsuharu blinked.

“I did?”


“Oh. Then…I’m sorry?”

Yuki sighed deeply and reached out to brush Hatsuharu’s hair out of his eyes. “Yes,” he said quietly, “you are.” Hatsuharu smiled and settled in to bask in Yuki’s presence until Honda-san brought Kyo back.

Title: Emotional Babysitting
Word Count: 428
Rating: PG, for mentions of sex and badfic
Obligatory Disclaimer: Y'all know the drill--I do not own Inuyasha.
Summary: luxken27 prompted me for Inuyasha, any characters-rejection. Kagome discovers a new "literary form" right before she goes back through the well. Uh-oh...
Notes: It's not as cliche as...okay, yes, it is. But you should read it anyway.

Miroku kept his face carefully blank as Kagome described a phenomenon she had discovered during her last trip back to her own time. Someone had to try to be calm about all this, and as usual, it looked like the job fell to him.

“And then there was the one where I was supposed to have dumped Inuyasha—“ she said blithely, as if the statement wasn’t the equivalent of throwing a lit torch into a bone-dry haystack. The hanyou in question twitched and tightened his grip on his sword.

“—and run off with that guy about four towns back,” Kagome continued. “You know, the one with the scar?”

Inuyasha snarled dangerously and Miroku made a note to keep a close eye on him for the next few days lest he decided to do a little backtracking. Closer, rather. He bore an awful lot of watching in nearly every situation.

Kagome just smiled. “Oh, come on, like I was ever going to stay with him. Like it or not, you’re stuck with me ‘til the bitter end, buddy.” Inuyasha relaxed and, not for the first time, Miroku silently blessed Kagome for her unerring ability to disarm their temperamental companion.

Then she started talking again.

“And then there was the one with,” here she pointed to Inuyasha, “and also,” then to Miroku himself, “and you were…” She withdrew her hands and performed a simple yet crudely eloquent gesture.

Kagome blushed. Miroku coughed. After a painfully long silence, understanding dawned on Inuyasha. He jumped to his feet, turning more and more red by the second.

“I would NOT have SEX with that—that—!”

“Quite,” Miroku agreed, looking around for a distraction. As if in answer, one presented itself. “By the way, Inuyasha, I’m sensing several youkai headed this way.”

“You are not,” the hanyou accused.

“I am,” Miroku assured, rising to his feet. “Of course, if you’ve no desire to fight them, I suppose I could—“

“Like hell! You just stay here, I’ll take care of this!” Inuyasha took off like a shot in the general direction of the approaching youkai. Miroku caught Kagome’s arm as she rose to follow.

“Could you remind me what this unusual literature you were reading was called, please?” he asked.


“Fanfic,” Miroku repeated, marveling anew at how the future must have changed to have such unusual things in it. Then he reminded himself of his priorities and refocused his attention on the girl in front of him. “Kagome?”


“You are never allowed to read this ‘fanfic’ without supervision again.”

Title: In Darkness
Word Count: 127
Rating: G
Obligatory Disclaimer: Y'all know the drill--I do not own Yuu Yuu Hakusho.
Summary: dytabytes prompted me for Yuu Yuu Hakusho, un-paired Hiei. My brain immediately went "yay, weapons!" and somehow this is what resulted. Hiei reaches an accord with the dragon within him.

Hiei closed the front door and locked it. He walked to the back of the house and turned out the lights as he went. All was pitch dark by the time he entered a small, unused, nearly empty room. He knelt silently on the floor before his unsheathed sword. Deep within him, the dragon opened its eyes.

Hiei reached out with his right hand. He grasped the hilt and brought the sword up. He held it parallel to the ground, straight out in front of him. The dragon stirred, coiled, began to move towards him.

Hiei switched the sword to his left hand. He gripped the hilt tighter and tighter, until blood dripped from between his fingers to splatter on the unmarked floor. The dragon stilled. Waited.

Title: Piecing My Life Together
Word Count: 164
Rating: G
Obligatory Disclaimer: Y'all know the drill--I do not own Kyo Kara Maoh.
Summary: youkai_girl prompted me for Conrad/Yuuri, puzzle pieces. Aaaaannd...I'll come up with a decent summary later.
Notes: Dear god, it's almost sappy.

Yuuri never could understand things, never could make them fit on his own. It was as if his life was a puzzle, and he was missing half the pieces. Sometimes he found a piece in the people around him or in the feelings they invoked in him. Sometimes he looked around him and he just knew. This is right. This fits.

And sometimes Murata came in and hid the box so that Yuuri wasn’t even sure what the puzzle looked like anymore.

Then there was Conrad. Whenever Conrad was near, things were different. The sure touch of his hands eased Yuuri’s fumbling. Conrad’s solid presence at Yuuri’s side blocked the madness around them, giving him the space he needed to think clearly. Yuuri’s eyes seemed sharper with Conrad’s upon him. Conrad’s gentle smile reassured Yuuri that his weakness could be overcome and his failures turned around if they did it together. Conrad didn’t solve the puzzle for Yuuri, but his faith gave Yuuri hope.