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And someday I'm actually going to name the journal that. If you've just found me, hello and welcome. If you've been around for a while, welcome back. On paper, as it were, this is my personal journal. Functionally, it's more of a catch-all, with emphasis on fanfic and memes.

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I think that's it, but if you have a question, feel free to drop me a line here. See ya 'round!

Well that was less than fun

Had a dentist's appointment today. Not my favorite way to pass the time.

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I'm working on my current projects because...hell, do I need a reason? The multi-fandom one is probably going to turn out a bit choppy, but I want to do it anyway.

Oh, also! I saw Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters today, and holy crap, was it awesome. There's another fandom to add to the list.


Just testing the new lj phone app. Feel free to ignore this.

Getting back into fanfic...

...slowly but surely. I'm starting with some 50-sentence sets, because that's something I can do in fits and starts, which seems to be about all I'm good for as of yet. I'm currently working on one that I had conceived of before my extremely extended hiatus that owes its existence to the fact that I am a total fandom whore. The working title is "50 sentences, 50 fandoms." It'll be interesting to see how difficult it'll be to come up with 50 fandoms I have enough familiarity with to fit them to a prompt. I'm thinking not very, knowing me. Tagging that will be a nightmare if I list them all individually. I'm also thinking about starting two other sets, one for She-Ra characters and one for the new Rise of the Guardians movie, which just rocked my socks off, no lie. As I work on these, hopefully I'll build my way up to longer stuff.

Anyway. Just thought I'd toss that out there.

TZC: Heal Thyself

I found a bunch of my old writing notebooks yesterday. This is potentially a very good thing.

Title: Heal Thyself
Series: The Zanpakutou Chronicles
Word Count: 197
Rating: G
Disclaimer Post
Summary: Sometimes, a shinigami and zanpakutou just can't figure each other out without a little outside help.
Notes: So, once upon a time, there was a second continuing storyline in the TZC-verse, called Walking Wounded. I think I was...not at my best when I originally plotted this, because even the outline is just depressing. It was going to feature Kira and Wabisuke and Hanatarou and Hisagomaru and was basically going to be an unknown number of chapters of just the four of them being dysfunctional and self-destructive and refusing to let anyone help them. You can see the only remaining fragment of that version of the story here. But then the story stalled, because Hisagomaru stopped talking to me and Wabisuke went from basket case to badass. (Seriously, another of the fragments I found from a later story has him physically manifesting and going postal on Gin's ass, and that was not the scary version of that scene.) But I think this particular scene is important to the characters of Hanatarou and Hisagomaru as they are in TZC and furthermore, I think it needs to stay.

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She-Ra: Hold Tight to Me

I've been reading the Skypeia arc in One Piece and spoilerCollapse ) But hey. One Piece. What can you expect? Anyway, this is the She-Ra fic I mentioned in my last post. Main fic index. Claims table. Y'all know the drill.

Title: Hold Tight to Me
Series: fanfic100 claim: She-Ra, general series
Prompt: #38, Touch
Word Count: 252
Rating: G-ish
Disclaimer Post
Summary: We all have our ways of coping, even She-Ra, and no one knows that better than the members of the Rebellion.
Notes: I can't think of anything at the moment, other than the fact that I really like doing She-Ra through someone else's eyes, and I may come back to that in the future.

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TZC: Ichigo and Zangetsu: Lifting the Fog

Holy crap, has it really been freaking August since I posted a TZC fic? But...I've actually been working on them. Have I really not gotten any up? Dude. Fun fact about this series: it was never meant to be a series. The continuing plot line in the Ichigo/Zangetsu and Renji/Zabimaru fics was a fluke; this was originally intended to be more a collective of zanpakutou fics than a cohesive series. So I guess the fact that I'm having trouble with the plot but not the one-shot fics is me returning to type for the series. Not that I'm giving up and not that anyone wanted to know that anyways.

Title: Lifting the Fog
Series: The Zanpakutou Chronicles
Word Count: 698
Rating: PG
Disclaimer Post
Summary: Ichigo's been thinking. This never ends well...
Notes: This came from the second "Wanna drabble?" entry. infiniteviking gave me a prompt for Bleach, Ichigo and Zangetsu, communication. Then things...snowballed a little when I sat down to write and nearly seven hundred words later, here we are. I'm not sure where this falls on the TZC timeline, but Ichigo feels very young here to me, so...early-ish? Maybe just after the Soul Society arc? Not sure. Oh, and speaking of timelines, the SS arc is the point of divergence between TZC and canon, mostly because my reading past that is a bit...spotty. For the record.

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Been a busy few days

Free tip: if you have your phone in an unbuttoned front shirt pocket, do not bend over the toilet while wearing that shirt. Hilarity does not ensue. Something does, alright, but hilarity? Not it. Just a for the record for y'all.

In other news, I've been in a Doctor Who mood lately and my local library has been good to me in that department. And what have we learned? Donna Noble is the awesomest companion in the history of awesome and she rocks my freaking socks off. Also awesome is The Sarah Jane Adventures. Did not see that one coming. But seriously--love that show.

And I know you're all going "shut up with the rambling, Zan, what about the drabbles?" Well, they are proceeding at a slow but steady pace. One side effect of broadening my fandom offerings is that I have to reacquaint myself with a few I haven't touched in a while. Since tomorrow has been designated House Cleaning Day (joy), I'm going to post a few tonight.

Wanna drabble? (Round 2)

For the first time since March of 2008, I'm having an open drabble request...thingy. I'm never sure what to call these. Anyway! Here's how it'll work:

Requests will be open from the time I post this until midnight central standard time (GMT -5, I believe) on February 1st. About four and a half days, if I'm counting right. Two drabble requests per person, please. (I had it two per person per day last time, but I have learned my lesson, thanks.) You comment with a fandom or fandoms, a character or characters and/or a prompt of your choice. Single fandoms or crossovers, single characters, pairs or groups--whatever. Prompts can be anything you can think of, or no prompt at all. Be as vague or as specific as you like, I'll come up with something. Then I'll reply with whatever that something is.

Just two things I won't be doing. First, I don't write sex of the "insert tab A into slot B" variety, mostly on account of I'm no good at it and no one wants to read my pathetic attempts. I do a mean fade to black when the mood strikes me, though, so if you've got a prompt/idea/what-have-you that flirts with sex, then by all means. Second, I can't make something from nothing, so if you give me something like "hey, can you write something about Bleach?" then all you'll get is a blank stare while I try to figure out if you're really serious.

(fandoms with an asterisk next to them are those where my knowledge of canon is somewhat incomplete--including any current TV shows, since I haven't had TV since last June--but they wouldn't be on this list if I couldn't write them at all)
A-Team (series or movie)
Black Cat
Criminal Minds*
Detective Conan
DC Animated Universe
DC Comics
Doctor Who*
Dresden Files (TV series only)
Fairy Tail
Firefly 'Verse
The Flash (TV series)
Harry Potter*
How to Train Your Dragon
Jem and the Holograms
Kyo Kara Maoh
Lie To Me
Magnificent 7 (TV series)
Marvel Comics
Matantei Loki Ragnarok
The Mentalist
One Piece*
Sherlock Holmes (book, movie and some BBC)
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Star Trek (for best results, stick with TNG, TOS or Reboot)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Transformers (Bayverse and G1)
Yuu Yuu Hakusho*
...and a crapload of others that I haven't listed because I've got so many fandoms that I can't remember them all. If you want a fandom that's not on the list, feel free to ask if I know it.

So there you go. Have at, folks.



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