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She-Ra: Too Much

I've been unsuccessfully trying to find a good Castaspella icon, 'cause she's my favorite She-Ra character. Ha! "Good" icon, like there's that many to choose from. Well, this is a cool one, and the search will go on. The table can be found here.

Title: Too Much
Series: fanfic100 claim: She-Ra, general series
Prompt: #33. Too Much (Yeah, I was title-brain-dead again.)
Word Count: 182
Rating: G
Disclaimer Post
Summary: There's subtle and then there's She-Ra. In the middle of a war, a queen takes her amusements where she can find them.
Notes: Right, because the people trying to run their kingdoms and fight off an invasion at the same time are really that oblivious. Me, I figure they clued in pretty quickly but are just humoring her.

Castaspella politely pretended not to notice when Adora slipped off nearly as soon as the battle with the Horde started. The brilliant, uncontrolled surge of magic that followed as the Eternian princess transformed into Etheria’s greatest heroine was both unmistakable and, frankly, about as far from subtle as it was possible for magic to be. But Castaspella was not the sorceress-queen of the most magical kingdom on the planet for nothing. She very carefully turned her spells away from the spot until She-Ra was done. It wouldn’t do for her transformative magic to mix with the Sword of Protection’s, after all.

Seconds later, She-Ra soared over the battle on Swiftwind’s wings. Seeing that, Queen Angella dropped back to help Castaspella hold the line. She smiled at her fellow monarch.

“Adora appears to have ‘found’ She-Ra,” Castaspella remarked dryly.

“She is stunningly good at that, isn’t she?” Angella said with a small smirk.

Castaspella flung out her arms as if to embrace the absurdity of it all. “Quite,” she said, and laughed when her magic stripped half the Horde troopers of their armor.


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Aug. 17th, 2010 03:22 am (UTC)
Oh, you :P This was quite amusing! I suppose our princess heroine isn't known for her subtlety?

My friend paynesgrey has made some icons, but if there is a particular scene/character/cap you'd like to find, let me know. I have the entire series on DVD, and I have some [meager] icon-ing skillz. I'd be happy to make some for you if you can't find the one(s) you want :)
Sep. 4th, 2010 11:29 pm (UTC)
... Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! Pardon me while I fall over with the giggles.
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